The Ever-Prolific Pikahsso Pens An Obama Anthem

Maybe PPT's break-up wasn't as dramatic as we thought. Or maybe Pikahsso's just a machine.

Somehow, in the wake of the local hip-hop act PPT's split, at least one member of the trio, Pikahsso, has refused to slow down. He's already penned a track called "Vote For Obama (Yes We Can)" in honor of Barack Obama earning the democratic party's nomination.

It's not the greatest track in the world--it's fun in a novel way--but man it only further proves the point that Pikahsso is the most prolific artist in town, doesn't it?

Check it out:

Bonus mp3:

Pikahsso -- "Vote For Obama (Yes We Can)"

This isn't the first time PPT's members have hopped on a current events bandwagon. You remember their Dallas Mavericks playoff anthem, right? --Pete Freedman

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