The Fader Boogies On Back To Dallas, Offers Up A Free Fat Bastard Track

"Get in my belly!" Fat Bastard exclaimed. "...then do da stanky legg?"

Gotta give credit where it's due: The Fader (which, interestingly enough, has just combined advertising and sponsorship forces with Pitchfork media) was early to the Dallas hip-hop game, letting Play-N-Skillz, Tum Tum and Lil Wil showcase their side of Dallas for a feature about the local hip-hop scene.

And, today, The Fader checks in on the Dallas hip-hop game again, offering up a free mp3 from Dallas' own Fat Bastard. The song's called "It's Going Down" and it's much more Lil Wil-esque D-Town Boogie than like the Young Joc track of the (pretty much) same name. Either way, not a bad listen--and, y'know, it's free, which is nice. Get it here.

But me? I'm more of a fan of what the blogger said about the Boogie scene here in Dallas:

As far as regional dances go, for us the "Dallas Boogie" ranks right up there with Harlem Shake and the Bankhead Bounce. Attention people looking to impress friends: learn that shit.

Awesome. --Pete Freedman

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