The Five Best Musicians Over 50 Coming to Dallas This Year

Turning 50 is certainly not old by today's standards. But rock & roll conventionally has a different scale. After all, at that age who wants to even go to a concert, much less embark on a nationwide tour performing hit songs you wrote half a lifetime ago?

Lots of people, as it turns out. As rock is starting to get a little long in the tooth itself, an older guard is emerging. And now that touring is many bands' best source of income (RIP record industry), reunions (and bands who just never leave the road) are more and more common.

With 2013 now half over, there are still a slew of 50 plus musicians making their stop in Dallas. And while it is kind of remarkable they are still embracing the tour life and playing energetic shows all over the country, it just goes to show, 50 may be the new 20, musically speaking. Here is my list of the top five quinquagenarians that will be livening things up for us unindustrious youngsters.

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Aaron Ortega
Contact: Aaron Ortega