The Five Best Places to Watch the Election Results Tonight

Have you voted? Have you posted a picture of yourself voting? Have you decided where you are going to drink away the election results? I can't force you to get off your ass and get to your precinct, though I hope you did. I can offer a little help in the, "So what do we do now?" category.

This week, both panelists on This Week with George Stephanopoulos and my favorite astrologer, Susan Miller, predicted a long night of tabulating, so what you need are some comrades and drink specials. If you are a real moneymaker, your campaign donation may have earned you a very exclusive invitation to a very private election watching soiree. If you are looking for something a little more "for the people," I can help!

Here are The Overserved's hints on where to spend the night nail-biting, whiskey-drinking and election-watching. Impatience is a bi-partisan issue!

Central 214 After you have cast your vote, join Chef Graham Dodds for a special election night menu featuring cocktails like the BluBama and the RedRom and bites to eat from that new tasty 214 menu. Don't worry, the Scotch Egg stays for this Americana affair. Meet in their bar and courtyard from 6-11p.m. Complimentary valet parking.

Round-Up Saloon The Stonewall Democrats of Dallas will be hosting an evening of poll partying at the Round-Up Saloon and bring along the DFW Pride Movement, Dallas Stonewall Young Democrats and the LULAC Rainbow Council. There are rumors of local candidates stopping by to greet guests, so stop in if you'd like a side of activism with your election commentary. Free.

The Granada Theater D Magazine and Chevrolet host D Election Night Live at The Granada. The polls will be running all night on the big screen and AiR DeeJay of Track Meet and Paris Vidal will be on the decks until the Burning Hotels take the stage. Doors at 8:30p.m., and tickets are $5. Dancing is a great way to conclude an infuriating political conversation.

Eno's Some of you may have spent Election Night evening 2008 at the Bishop Arts Block Party. This year, head to Eno's for your Oak Cliff election fix. There will be drinks and pizza! And entertainment, but really, did you need more than pizza? Be there at 7p.m.

The Official GOP and Democrat Watching Parties The Dallas Republican Party election party will be at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre near the Galleria.This will be a mostly elephants room, so feel free to get your Biden jokes prepped.To attend, email rsvp@dallasgop.org.

The Dallas Democratic Party will hold its election night watch party at the Reunion Hyatt in Downtown Dallas.The Dems are also expecting some local candidate drop-ins, so this is your chance to mix and mingle.

Go vote. And then you should come meet me for a drink. Happy electing, sugars!

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