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The Guardian on Bosque Brown's Mara Lee Miller: "Quite A Voice."

Looks like Telegraph Canyon's not the only Fort Worth-based act garnering some serious praise from a respected out-of-town outlet today: This morning, the UK-based daily The Guardian honored Bosque Brown as its "New Band of the Day." Perhaps the nod comes somewhat in preview of the band's upcoming gig in London on Tuesday--or maybe the UK release of the act's phennomenal Baby album on October 27? Can't say. But it sure is a nice write-up.

Writes The Guardian's Paul Lester:
Bosque Brown are a Texan band firmly in the alt-country category, but more than anything, however affecting the pedal steel guitar or haunting the organ sound, they are really just a vehicle for the voice of Mara Lee Miller. It is quite a voice. Actually, it's a lot of a voice. Wherever you alight on their new album, Baby, the voice is there, dominating every note, like a film where the lead actress appears in every scene. Continue reading...
After performing in London and Paris as a pared down duo of Miller and her pedal-steel-playing husband Ryan Miller, Bosque Brown will return to town with an October 10 performance at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton. Also, earlier this week, Spune Productions announced Bosque Brown's addition to its November 4 show at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth with Alela Diane and Marissa Nadler.

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