The Indie-Verse Is Streaming Online, Sponsoring Shows About Town

Been a good six months-plus since we checked in with Eric Landrum, program director of the still-kinda-new HD2 station at 105.3 FM, about how things are going over there at his indie rock radio station, The Indie-Verse.

(Full disclosure: We haven't really listened to it much before this morning, as we don't have an HD radio receiver. But the playlist's been pretty top notch, over the past hour over there from what we've been listening to...)

Anyway, Landrum says things are going pretty well over at the new station.

"I'm really proud of it," Landrum says, noting that the station has been streaming its broadcasts on its web site since July and that the listenership online has increased by 1800 percent since its first month streaming (which, OK, is more of a damnation of those who started streaming it when the station first went live online than anything else, but still...).

And, Ladrum adds, the station's programming has started becoming a little bit more consistent. Says Landrum: "I want to continue to grow our specialized shows." In addition to the more free-form format of the daytime broadcasts, it's added some regular weeknight shows into the mix, a "classic" indie show, a locals-only show, a spoltight around the world show, and an underground hip-hop show, among them.

The station has also picked things up on the promotions end: This weekend's two C3-booked shows at Club Dada (Tapes 'N Tapes and Los Campesinos!) are being presented by the station.

"Yeah, we jumped all over the chance to sponsor those shows," Landrum says. "Los Campesinos! is one of my favorite bands that came out last year, so, to see them coming through Dallas, I was super excited."

Expect to see the Indie-verse street team out in force at both of those Dada shows. And, at 2 o'clock (or, in about a hour), Ellen from Los Campesinos! will be a guest DJ for an hour over at the station. So check it out--should make a pretty good listening companion to the already-teased Q&A we have with Ollie from Los Campesinos!, which we should finally have transcribed and posted at around the same time...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.