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The Libertine's Weekly "Local Yokel Show" Expands To Include Live Bands

Nothing like the announcement of a slow news day to jumpstart the late afternoon news items, I guess. For instance? This fun bit o' news for Simon McDonald, owner of The Libertine, the best damn bar in town...

With the bar's weekly Monday night "Local Yokel" event (where DJ Deez spins nothing but local music) rounding the turn on its six-month anniversary, McDonald and Deez have added a new wrinkle to the night's fold: live music, or, as McDonald puts it "intimate acoustic sets" from local musicians as a way to change the pace a tad from hearing that same Pet Hospital song that kinda sounds like a Death Cab song over and over again.

As such, at tonight's event, you can catch local singer-songwriter Laura Harrell doing her quirky little acoustic thing at the Libertine--a whole 19 days before she hits up The Cavern on Saturday, April 25, to play a CD release show for her new effort, Romp Almighty.

But wait! There's more!

"Any people interested in playing are welcome to stop by and play a couple of tunes," Simon says. "It's been really laid back, and really nice the last couple of weeks."

So stop by? And buy me a Stella while you're at it? Times are hard, you know.

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Pete Freedman
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