The New Hotness: GorillaVsBearcore

Yesterday, a new Neon Indian remix of The Silent League's "Here's a Star" started popping up across the great taste-making sites of these United States, further pushing the buzzworthiness of Alan Palomo's most recent project. And, par for course with most of the music of this realm, the buzz on this all started with a posting by Dallas' own Chris Cantalini on his Gorilla Vs. Bear blog.

It's a nice track, sure, but what's pretty funny about it all is that no one's really sure to call the genre in which this and other Cantalini-approved acts, like Memory Cassette, exists.

So, perhaps in spite of Pitchfork's attempts to term the genre "glo-fi," this hilarious post popped up on Hipster Runoff earlier this week, offering up more than a few choices. Some actually make sense, albeit in an absurdist way--no-fi, post-electro, conceptro and freakwave. But the funniest offering? Without a doubt: GorillaVsBearcore. Probably not too likely to stick, no. But, still.

And it begs the question: What does the namesake think of the moniker? Writes Cantalini: "Haha, I prefer 'chillwave' or 'shitfork,' but if GorillaVsBearcore catches on, I won't argue."

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