The Nine Best and Funniest Moments from Saturday at ACL 2012

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7. Football City Limits
UTgame Oct14.JPG
63-21. Ouch.
This is Texas after all, and a party would be incomplete without a little pigskin. Every year, the organizers set up the Rock Island Hideaway, a large tent with two giant screens that show the weekend games.

Longhorns had a hard choice, having to choose between staying in Austin for ACL, or going to Dallas for the Red River Rivalry. Lucky were the ones who stayed. UT lost to hated OU by like a hundred points or something. Not pretty. And for the few who wore OU shirts to the festival, you are far braver than me.

One of the stage managers apparently graduated from Texas Tech, using the screens and sound system to tout his Red Raiders and dog the Longhorns. The LSU, Notre Dame, and Florida games also attracted sizable crowds to the tent.

Baseball playoffs were shown on Friday afternoon and evening, and Sunday it will be NFL all day. I've already seen plenty of Dallas Cowgirl fans in attendance at the fest, as well as fans of the best team in the league, your hometown Houston Texans. The Bulls On Parade play on Sunday night against the Discount Double Check Green Bay Packers. MARCO TORRES

8. Horns Down I'm an Okie, but I couldn't care less about either team in the Red River Rivalry. Still, it was awkward to actually be in Austin while watching see UT lose so miserably. And all the people in OU shirts at Zilker Park sure have some cojones. BRITTANIE SHEY

9. ACL Politics There wasn't much in the way of Presidential politics (so far) this weekend, but Wainwright did have something to say. "This next election I've boiled down to one thing. It's about women's rights." Hell yeah. "So vote for Obama." Then he transitioned into "Going to a Town," a song in which the refrain is "I'm so tired of America."

Steve Earle also had something to say about politics (of course he did), introducing his song "Little Emperor" by saying "This is for W and his fuckin' horse." BRITTANIE SHEY

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