The Orbans' New Video Features The Panhandle House, City Tavern and the House of Blues

Sooner or later, we'll probably stop referring to The Orbans as the band formerly known as The Lifters. The above video, shot by Jon Collins' crew The Apparat (the same people that brought you Doug Burr's excellent "Should've Known" video), should help us get there. Great stuff form Collins, as always, as he shoots the band at various locations around the 'plex: The Panhandle House, City Tavern, House of Blues, etc.

As for the band? It's currently finishing up it next release (out in the next few weeks or so, per Quick), but in the meantime, you can go ahead and download--for free, no less--the alt-country rockers' earlier EP, Switchblade Waterpistol, which, techinically, the band released while still playing under the Lifters' banner, I think, but no matter.

And catch the band this weekend at Life in Deep Ellum's free M2S2 event... which you should already know about, right? Right.

(Oh, and for the record, that "The Best Unsigned Band in Texas" bit on the video? That's The Orbans' Collins' claim, not ours. They're pretty good, though. So far, at least. We're looking forward to the disc. Send us a copy, eh fellas?)

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Pete Freedman
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