The Overserved, Black Tie Edition

Well, sugars. I hope you took advantage of the karmic energy being passed around town this weekend. Saturday was perhaps the most beautiful day of all time and space and had Dallas in the best mood I have ever seen. The scene was set, whether you found yourself tapping out kegs at Spune's inaugural Untapped Festival or enjoying an endless stream of sparkling at the Dallas Symphony's gala after-party.

I tossed on my finest and curled my tresses for an evening of black-tie party hopping, and was reminded how pleasing it can be to play dress up in this town. Kicking it off, the nuptials of Junius Recording Company's Lindsay Graham to the beautiful Libby Moore was a master class in detail and guest list. Dallas' most dapper artists, actors and musicians mingled as the sun set behind Three Three Three First Avenue, a beautiful space near Exposition. Behind the bar, pros from Neighborhood Services did their part to keep guests happy and slinking to the dance floor.

Across town, Dallas Symphony Orchestra's Jaap Van Zweden led the charge of cellist Yo Yo Ma at the 2012 Dallas Symphony Orchestra AT&T Gala, kicking off the fall social and philanthropy season for some of Dallas' most important cultural institutions. Van Zweden's daughter, Anna-Sophia Van Zweden, and co-chairs Katherine and Eric Reeves hosted the official after-party, which provided a proper nightcap, and DJ Lucy Wrubel, a popular choice for the well-heeled set in need of a DJ, conducted the evening with charm and humor. A heavy mix of top 40 got Wrubel on the mic several times, smiling as she teased the audience: "Don't roll your eyes, I know you like this song." Just when the bubblegum pop would get too sweet, she'd deftly mix in '70s funk or rock. A particularly pleasing Bowie block felt like her wheelhouse.

The Champagne was infinite, the date was bow-tied and the people were beautiful. A last drink took us to a second floor perch to observe the scene. A woman twirled, Champagne balanced on her head, lost in the music. A perfect place to lose yourself, really, whether at the capable hands of Van Zweden himself or a turntable.

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