The Overserved's Best Places to Go Alone

Here we are. Halfway through December. Are you doing okay? Are you sick to death of the Christmas carols yet? I still haven't gotten to do one of those gift exchanges where you get to steal your favorite gift; I think I am going to hold on to my holiday cheer till I can yank a $50 candle from someone's unsuspecting hands.

In this season of cheer, it's easy to make the slow evolution to Scrooge. We don't want that for you here at The Overserved. We are interested in getting you through this holiday season with style, ease and charity, so we have prepared a little list of our favorite places in Dallas to go alone. It's a necessary indulgence this time of year, and a gift to your fellow man. An hour or two to yourself in any of these perfect places, and you will be recharged for all the holiday small-talk, or ready to take on a secret office affair at your annual shindig, or ohmygod your family.


Timothy Oulton I don't want to tell you this one, but I don't want to be greedy at Christmas either. Dallas is home to this British retailer's only U.S. stand-alone shop, and upon entering, you'll be overwhelmed by the beautiful interior design, eccentric stimuli and seating areas just begging for you to lounge with a French press. And the lounging is encouraged - on my last visit, I was all but brought a USB cable to hook up a printer. Thanks, incredibly attentive Timothy Oulton staff!

The Bar There isn't a new bar called The Bar, I just want to call attention to the service you can get dining at almost any bar in a restaurant. All alone, you won't even need a reservation at Lucia and the service is always incredible. Dining-alone-at-the-bar top honors go to Bolsa, Tei Tei and Oak. And if you are really looking for quiet, discreet service with great lighting, Ziziki's on Travis.

J. Erik Jonsson Central Library Really, your neighborhood library will also do, but if you are really looking to wander around and hide from the world, the downtown branch has the widest selection, the strangest nooks and crannies, and niche exhibitions. Did you know there is a Rauschenberg down there? Also, one of 25 extant copies of the Declaration of Independence. Fitting.

Spiceman's FM 410 This one isn't very secret but a lot of you aren't taking advantage of it. Hit corner neighbor Jimmy's up for a fresh espresso or bottle of wine, and take it and your holiday anxiety to the patio overlooking Spiceman's garden in the back. Find peace among Tom Spicer's vegetables, and then buy some of them on your way out.

Also, see luxury hotel lobbies. And all your favorite Dallas pools in winter are a perfect lonely meditation of water in a place lacking oceans. Go, decompress, and spread cheer. And if you see me, leave me alone.

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