The Overserved's Guide To Hotel Bar Season

Here at The Overserved, we love a hotel bar. It's a special island. The best ones are places you can simultaneously take your family or witness the beginning of an affair. That they are occupied by the ghosts traveling through town only adds to their allure. Here is our guide to the wilds of Dallas' hotel bar scene:

NYLO Southside This new property in the NYLO family sits in the Cedars area of Dallas and boasts both a pleasing downstairs lounge area and the rooftop Soda Bar. Hit the Soda Bar for the inviting (but shallow) infinity pool, stretching out to a breathtaking view of the Dallas skyline. The downstairs egg chairs will be everyone's profile pics shortly and the private dining room is begging for a birthday party.

The Belmont Hotel The Belmont's slice of L.A. in Dallas remains a favorite for travelers and the occasional staycation. The bar has boasted a great view of the city for a long time, but don't underestimate the cocktail menu and the continued updates to the patio. There on a date? Don't forget to sneak down to the pool. It's the city's best grown-up makeout hill.

LUXE Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa I have already professed my love for the penthouse in the Stoneleigh property, and the same attention to detail on that top floor can be found throughout. The inviting downstairs bar is filled with sumptuous lounge areas and cozy little corners to get lost in. A great bar in which to drink alone when you need an escape, or take a special someone when you want to feel like you're the only two on the planet.

The Rattlesnake Bar at the Ritz-Carlton The Ritz is all new money flash in a good way. The most beautiful during our winter holidays, its leather feels warm when the martinis are cold. The Saturday night dance party in the side room should not be missed. The one percent's got to dance too.

The Library Bar at The Warwick Melrose Hotel The Library Bar is a master class in hotel bars, and frankly, one of their bartenders should be teaching on the subject. Those wingback leather chairs, a jazz combo and the faint scent of scotch make The Library the best of its kind. There, things always start out quiet before taking dramatic turns. It might be the strong pours or the flattering lighting. Whatever it is, don't change a thing.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.