The Overserved's Holiday Wish List

Naughty or nice, it's time to finalize our Christmas wishes and overnight them to Santa, for those (like me) who have procrastinated. With the recent announcement that Neiman Marcus is allowing adults to crawl through those magical interactive holiday windows on Thursday evenings, for a $20 suggested donation to the North Texas Food Bank, one of The Overserved's wishes has already come true. Which got me thinking: What else does Dallas need delivered the night of the 25th?

1.) Can we have a breakfast-taco delivery service, please? Forget dances of sugarplums and fairies. What I wake up dreaming of on Sunday mornings are two breakfast tacos, a hot black coffee and a cold Topo Chico. But seriously, how is this not a thing?

2.) Speaking of tacos, this year one of my most urgent Christmas wishes is for the East Dallas Tacos la Banqueta to stay open till 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. I realize this is two Christmas wishes dedicated to the Dallas taco scene, but I think we can all agree these benefit the greater good. And that is what the holidays are all about, right?

3.) Will someone please book Riff Raff? Probably at Trees, right? I realize he has a reputation for showing up in various states of inebriation, doing very short sets and is generally kind of a wild card. I promise not to complain even if all he does is read the phone book. Actually, that sounds like a great story.

4.) Santa, please save the Fair Park Band Shell. I want to go back there for something besides the bird show at the State Fair of Texas. Please, Christmas-spirit guide, put some mellow, spacey bands in there, and give us a beautiful summer night. Repeat as necessary.

5.) Related to the State Fair, please make sure that the new Big Tex does not look like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. It's important that he stays just a little creepy. The fair is a wonderful, magical, strange and sometimes dark month-long Dallas experience. The personification of all that needn't be too Disney white-washed, please.

And in the spirit of wish-giving and granting, for every wish you send to Santa, try to allow one in your own backyard. The coat drives, the food drives, the toy drives and the Angel Trees need sugars like you to help take care of each other. Put down that glass of Champagne and lend a hand; it can only help our karmic energy get closer to that Riff Raff show and breakfast tacos in bed.

Be good where it counts, everything else is our mess to make. And our wish to plant.

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