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The Polyphonic Spree Files Suit Against TVT, Fights Auctioning Off Of Rights

The Spree take a stand...against injustice! (Hal Samples)

A new twist on an old joke...

Q: How many members of the Polyphonic Spree does it take to file a lawsuit?

A: One to file it...and 27 to sing about how beautifully litigious it is.

New developments on the TVT Records bankruptcy front, courtesy of Pitchfork...

First, the Spree ain't taking too kindly to TVT's notion that DeLaughter and Co. aren't owed any money. They've filed a lawsuit saying as much.

Second, the Spree, along with the rest of TVT's assets, were auctioned off yesterday. No word yet on who, if anyone, purchased the Spree's rights. But it's not like it matters; because of the above lawsuit (and others filed against TVT like it), there'll be a court hearing on Monday to approve the sale.

(And, for those curious, the original Spree joke is about a lightbulb, and the punchline has 27 people singing about how bright the lightbulb is. That joke comes courtesy of Sean Conway, bass player of Hello Lover, although he openly acknowledges that someone else might've said it first.) --Pete Freedman

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