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The Ridiculous Excuse Behind Claiming That The Song "Mr. Hit Dat Hoe" Isn't Offensive...

Not sure how we missed this when it was published back in October, but allow us to point you in the direction of a pretty fascinating blog post by the FADER--one which explores the backstory behind the moderate local D-Town Boogie track "Mr. Hit Dat Hoe."

Among the fun facts to be gleaned about Treal Lee and Prince Rick's hit in the write-up:

  • According to Play-N-Skillz, here in Dallas, we used the word "hoe" can be used to describe pretty much anything: a girl, a party, a song. Go figure, right?
  • "Mr. Hit Dat Hoe" is actually neither Treal Lee nor Prince Rick, but an impressive Dallas dancer named Kendrick "Mr. Hit Dat Hoe" Wilson. Wilson earned his nickname while busting out impressive moves on the dance floor--moves so impressive, his nickname became the inspiration for the whole song.
Seriously, kinda fascinating sociological stuff here--if, y'know, you look at it without the obvious connotations that come with something that seems to reference domestic abuse and the like. Anyway, the FADER's got the track up as a free download if you're interested in getting it. And, if you're not? Well, we'll post just the stream here after the jump, so you can hear the song first-hand...

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