The Secret Handshake Does It All For You (and The Real World, too).

Clearly, because it's been two months, and hence far too long, since a local artist's song popped up on an MTV reality show, the folks at The Real World: Cancun threw us a bone this week when, during one of the lighter scenes in a dragging, but "very special episode" (this week, we learned that it's not cool to cut yourself when you get upset with your roommates), Dallas' own The Secret Handshake heard its song "All For You" (see above video) get some background music air time.

It was an adorable moment, indeed, hearing the song play as one of the roommates got all giddy about a potential love prospect. But, as the episode progressed, it turned out that, despite Luis Dubuc's promise that "even though they said you'll never ever make it, they were wrong" in his song's refrain, he was wrong: Within the span of 15 minutes, we pretty much learned that all chances of anything happening in the show's potential love affair was caput. Them's the breaks, I guess. 

In other news, I think I've given up on The Real World, which is a move that's been a long tme coming now. So, in advance, many apologies to any bands whose songs get placed there that I might miss as the season rolls along...

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