The State Fair of Texas: This Year's 11 Best Concerts

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Asleep at the Wheel on Friday, Sept. 27 No celebration of Texas greatness would be complete without one of its best and most loved musical acts. The Grammy winning "kings of Texas swing" will kick off the festivities on the Fair's opening night.

Blondie Featuring X on Saturday, Sept. 28 The singer also known as Debbie Harry will make the Texas State Fair one of the last stops on her tour to perform some of her new tracks such as "Make A Way," "Drag You Around," "Can't Stop Wanting" and "A Rose By Any Name" and hopefully some of her old favorites as well. But who cares, really? X is playing!

Wesley Pruitt Band on Tuesday, Oct. 1 The Texas soul and blues group plans to give you a reason to dance when they take the stage, which is good since your heart is bound to need an aerobic workout from having to process all the corn dogs and fried mystery foods that you will have consumed up until that point.

Aurora Bleu on Friday, Oct. 4 This Fort Worth group offers a unique blend of western swing, blues, jazz, boogie woogie, rockabilly and rhythm and blues. They'll make you wish you had brought your dancing shoes instead of your "eating shoes" with the softer insoles that can handle the extra weight that 10 pounds of fried goodness can add to the human body.

An Evening with Molly Ringwald on Friday, Oct. 4 The red-headed girl that moody teenagers identified with in films like "Sixteen Candles" and The Breakfast Club shows off her musical side with a one-night only jazz performance. Try not to think about "breakfast" since you're bound to be way too full by this point.

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