The Ten Best Grunge Bands

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7. L7 Hailing out of Los Angeles, this all female band became grunge by association. Although their music was based more in old school punk and metal, L7 looked grungy. Plus, they had the best album title of the scene: 1992's Bricks are Heavy.

6. The Melvins Definitely the heaviest of all the bands associated with the grunge scene, The Melvins also rivaled Tad in the ugly department. But my contention has always been the least attractive bands make the best music. Buzz Osborne and crew are still slinging the sludge some three decades after the fact.

5. Soundgarden Fronted by the hunk known as Chris Cornell, Soundgarden began life as a legitimate grunge act. The band's 1988 debut, Ultramega OK, was one of the defining releases on Sub Pop, the defacto grunge label. But slowly, popularity morphed Soundgarden into a slightly better than average, run of the mill rock act.

4. Screaming Trees Singer Mark Lanegan may well have been grunge's best front man. By far the most consistent songwriter the movement ever produced, Lanegan is still making great music today. In their prime, Screaming Trees were one powerful unit. Not even signing to a major label in 1990 dulled their edge. They are a band well worth re-investigating.

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