The Ten Best Grunge Bands

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3. Green River Sort of the holy grail of the grunge scene, Green River, while never nationally popular, were still hugely influential. Led by the terrifically untalented Mark Arm, Green River's sole album and two EPs are the grunge real deal. "Good things come to those who wait," sings Arm on "Searchin'", "So I want to come."

2. Nirvana Too much has already been written about Nirvana, but I always loved seeing Cobain wearing that "Corporate Rock Sucks" t-shirt.

1. Mudhoney After Green River, Mark Arm assembled Mudhoney and the band has been pushing out quality grunge since 1988. Remarkably, this year brought Vanishing Point, a signature statement from what may well prove to be the last grunge band standing.

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