The Ten Best Songs Clear Channel "Banned" In The Days Following The September 11 Attacks

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10. Every single song by Rage Against the Machine. OK, we get it. Rage are very political and all. But every single song? Really, Clear Channel?

9. Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Travelin' Band." There's a mention of airplanes in this song, but we're not sure if anyone would have been that offended by it. Because it's been a decade since the attacks, we sometimes forget how sensitive and weird people really did get after this awful, generation-defining event.

8. Fontella Bass, "Rescue Me." The memorandum appears to be the result of executives scanning their airplay list and selecting songs based on title alone. Hence this selection.

7. Tom Petty, "Free Fallin." We've heard many independent music folks lament Clear Channel's seeming lack of knowledge of anything that has to do with music. This song's inclusion is, perhaps, proof positive of this. The title includes the word "falling," but it's a song about a commitment-phobic guy, for crying out loud.

6. Louis Armstrong, "Wonderful World." We think this tune would be inspiring to folks going through hard times; however, its inclusion in the movie Good Morning Vietnam, where it was played over a sequence showing the horrors of war, may have gotten it a spot on the list.

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Laura Mann