The Ten Craziest Raver Costumes at Holy Ship!!! 2014

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Photo by Ian Witlen

What's better than sexy, pink-haired mermaid twins? Sexy, pink-haired mermaid twins with matching pink dolphins! We're currently experiencing cuteness overload. We can't stop shitting rainbows and barfing shiny stars. Thank goodness we didn't run into this Hello Kitty-lookin', erection-inducing party posse in person, because we might have suffered a Lisa Frank-level breakdown.


We just about died when we saw these guys and gals on Pirate Night. While everyone else was running around in eye patches and red-and-black duds, these party people got clever with the dress code. And they aren't even from Pittsburgh!

Photo by Ian Witlen

People seem to think if you dress up like Daft Punk, you instantly become cooler. Too bad the only thing about dressing up like Daft Punk that makes you cool is actually being Daft Punk. So yes, this guy may be hittin' the decks, but he certainly ain't no Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (longest superstar name of all time). Props to this bro for getting so many signatures, though. Someone had the best meet-and-greet weekend ever.

Photo by Ian Witlen

We aren't even going to front on this one. Disco rage face, FTW! More people should walk around festivals with reflective head gear. We especially like this guy's fancy skull helmet because it reminds us of the cover of Boys Noize's Oi Oi Oi, and that was one of the greatest albums of 2007, and that was the greatest year of ever. Sure, it's not diamonds, but it will do.

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