The Ten Greatest Texas Punk Bands

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10. The Hates - Forming in 1978, Houston's The Hates were among the first Texas punk bands. Christian Arnheiter's love of the Sex Pistols and The Ramones was ever-present in the great singles produced by this underappreciated band.

9. Marching Plague - Little known, even at the time, San Antonio's Marching Plague were one of those bands in the middle of every great punk-rock triple bill. The band had a sense of humor missing from a lot of punk acts. Case in point, Marching Plague would wear Ronald Reagan masks and sing "Reagan Man" to the tune of Sabbath's "Iron Man." And this was when dear old Ronnie was still in office.

8. Really Red - Teaching You The Fear, Really Red's 1981 full-length debut still stands today as one of the best albums ever made by a Texas punk band. Hailing from Houston and lead by Ronald "U-Ron" Bond, Really Red never got their due.

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