The Top 10 Music Video Vixens of All Time

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6. Alicia Silverstone (Aerosmith, "Crazy"). Before Clueless, Alicia was a frequent sight in Aerosmith videos from the early to mid '90s. This video, which also starred Steven Tyler's daughter Liv, is probably more memorable than the song itself. The plot is kind of like a sexy Thelma and Louise, without the bloodshed.

5. Tawny Kitaen (Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again"). Tawny was in several Whitesnake videos. As was par for the course at the time, she got the gig by dating frontman David Coverdale. They were married for a mere two years before they divorced, and, after a second failed marriage -- this time to Major League Baseball pitcher Chuck Finley -- Tawny eventually evolved into the plastic-surgery Celebrity Rehab mess we know and love her as today. Still, her car-hood acrobatics in the "Here I Go Again" are how she'll always be remembered.

4. Helena Christensen (Chris Isaak, "Wicked Game"). Christensen was already a supermodel by the time she appeared in this video. But her turn as a well-oiled seductress running on the sand secured her a place in music history, as well.

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