The Two Towers

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This comment shouldn't imply that Geller lacks seriousness. In addition to everything else on his plate, he's involved in a University of Georgia effort to develop alternative fuels. ("It's very promising," he says. "We've found that you can use vegetable oil and grease and things that we use in other ways to fuel diesel engines--and the technology's already here.")

Meanwhile, Geller has another musical project: the Agenda, a group featuring him and Lewis that he describes as "Stooges-era punk rock." He feels that the Agenda's bow, Start the Panic, plus the recent The Language of Cities by Athens' Maserati, a post-rock instrumental act, will help broaden Kindercore's reputation. "We're really at a transitional point," he says. "Indie pop is what we're most associated with, and we still love it. But after five years of doing it, we're like, 'Let's try something different.'"

With so much happening, Geller can't help but fantasize about the day when I Am the World Trade Center's name doesn't even come up in conversation.

"I'd love to do an interview where I wouldn't have to talk about that," he says. "But I think it's going to be awhile."

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