The Weekly Podcast: Scoping Out The Local SXSW Performers

In this week's installment of the DC9 at Night Podcast, Merritt Martin, Noah W. Bailey and I huddled up to talk about some of the bands from the region that made the cut and were asked to perform at SXSW 2009's sanctioned showcases.

And we tackled some tough, tough topics, too.

Who were we happy to see make the cut? Who were we shocked to see make it? And who were we just a little perplexed by (in either a good or bad way)?

You'll hear all that in this week's episode. Plus:
  • Me laughing like a hyena throughout the podcast and learning a valuable lesson: Don't chug a Red Bull right before you hit "record".
  • Merritt impersonating a horse. No, seriously!
  • More stunning commentary from Noah.
Anyway, have a listen to what just might be our least worst podcast yet!

DC9 at Night: The Weekly Podcast, Ep. 3 (February 20, 2009)

DC9 at Night: The Weekly Podcast, Ep. 3 (February 20, 2009)

Try to enjoy yourselves. And hit the jump for this week's track listing...

Jimmie Dale Gilmore - "Dallas"
Bad Sports - "All The Time"
Complete - "Hoogie Boogie Land"
Opium Symphony - "Deaf Radio"
Five Times August - "Beautiful Girls
Bowling for Soup - "1985"
Telegraph Canyon - "All The Good News"
Shibboleth - "The 1912 Horsey Rebellion"
True Widow - "AKA"

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