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Think You're The New Sound of Deep Ellum? A New In-The-Makes Compilation Wants Your Tunes.

Twenty-three years after The Sound of Deep Ellum was released by Island Records as a sort of snapshot of the burgeoning scene happening just east of downtown Dallas at the time and just as one of the bands featured on that disc (The Buck Pets) prepares for a Saturday night reunion gig at Trees, a new collection of bands playing the storied Dallas music neighborhood has undertaken an effort to do something similar.

Rob Michaud of local punk outfit Responsibile Johnny is currently accepting submissions for a new 20-song, 20-band compilation of acts that play in an around Deep Ellum for a disc being called Wish You Were Here...Love, Deep Ellum.

"[We] have decided it's high time to give people a new attitude about Deep Ellum and its premature rumors of death," Michaud says. And he wants everything covered, or as he puts it "the good, the bad, the whole shebang."

Currently, seven area acts are confirmed for the compilation--Michaud's own Responsible Johnny, plus Fist Full of Oi, The Loosies, Static Mind, Screaming Red, Darlington and Giggle Party. A few others are tentatively involved as well.

"It's very punk heavy right now," Michaud says, "so I would love to balance that out with some country, blues, and metal bands."

Michaud is currently accepting submissions from bands interested in jumping on board. Reach him via email right here.

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