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This Just In: Local Radio Sucks.

Yep. And you said so, according to this 72-page study from a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology, which surveyed radio listeners in six markets, including DFW, only to find that they're all dissatisfied with what they're hearing.

It's not that hard, folks. Really, it isn't. Just play more local music.

Writes Michael Saffran, the study's author:

"Through their opinions about the amount of locally created music aired on radio stations, respondents overall sang a sad song to local musicians. More than three-quarters of survey participants reported perceptions of "None" or "Very Little" music by local artists and bands aired on local radio stations, while a scant 2% reported "A Lot." These stark results will surely trouble--but probably not surprise--local musicians vying for airplay on their hometown radio stations."
Robert's got more details if you want 'em, but, really, anyone surprised by this news is likely either a) my sister, or b) a radio employee.

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