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This Or That: The Jonas Brothers? Or Just Another Crappy Local Band?

Alright, so this one's a trick question, admittedly. See, the JoBros are locals at this point, as this USA Today article from this morning so dutifully depicts.

But the above clip, which ran on Saturday Night Live last weekend is a pretty funny look at the Jonas Brothers as time travelers. Worth the watch, I'd say.

Anyway there's a reason why this week's installment of 
This or That isn't really a competition. Basically, this little feature seems to have run its course as a weekly segment. Don't get ahead of yourself, though: We'll still run it from time to time when an obvious conundrum presents itself. But between that iPhone app that figures out songs for you and, well, us not wanting to run this idea into the ground, we're gonna hold off on it for a bit.

So, that's that.

Oh, and for the answer to last week's query, jump with us...

Yep, as commenter Old Man accurately guessed, it wasn't Midlake, but rather the UK's The Leisure Society, with a Midlake-like turn on the track "The Last of the Melting Snow". Well done.

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