This Year's Chevy Main Stage Performers At The State Fair

After the jump, the complete, just-released lineup of acts playing the Chevrolet Main Stage at this year's Texas State Fair.

Without looking, though, I'm guessing you probably have an idea of what's in store.

So, on that note, let's just knock the highlights out of the way right now:

  • Miranda Lambert on October 17.

Yup, that pretty much covers it.

Friday, Sept. 25    JASON CASTRO
Saturday Sept. 26    Zane Lewis, Shane Henry Band, EDWIN MCCAIN BAND
Sunday Sept. 27    Corny Dog Eating Contest, Chris Watson, 38 SPECIAL
Monday Sept. 28    Katie Rae Davis
Tuesday, Sept. 29    Aubree Anna 
Wednesday, Sept. 30    The Captain Legendary Band
Thursday, Oct. 1    Big Daddy Alright
Friday, Oct. 2    ZR (The Superhero-Rock Star of Texas!), Singer/Songwriters JANINE TURNER & JULIETTE, JOEY + RORY
Saturday, Oct. 3    DJ Klipse, EN VOGUE, Mad Skills
Sunday Oct. 4    Zack Walther & the Cronkites, CASEY DONAHEW BAND
Monday Oct. 5    Jeff Allen
Tuesday Oct. 6    Texas Agriculture Commission Presentation, Rob Hunt Band  
Wednesday Oct. 7    Texas Renegade
Thursday, Oct. 8    Ron Lawrence and Sazerac Jazz 
Friday Oct. 9    Jonathan Clay, Stoney LaRue, TYLER BRYANT
Saturday Oct. 10    Phoenix Hart, Travis Mitchell Band, LITTLE BIG TOWN
Sunday Oct. 11    Raul Navaira, DUELO, Star De Azlan
Monday Oct. 12    Savvy and Mandy, HONOR SOCIETY
Tuesday Oct. 13    Urban Renewal: A Tribute to Tower of Power
Wednesday Oct. 14    Quebe Sisters Band
Thursday Oct. 15    beatlegras
Friday Oct. 16    Bill Rice Band
Saturday Oct. 17    Rob Roy Parnell, Whiskey Myers, MIRANDA LAMBERT
Sunday Oct. 18    Tatiana & The Erskine Hawkins Band, THE COMMODORES

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.