Tiger Moth Reunites, Seeks New Singer

Holly Robison

Super cool, local, retro rock outfit Tiger Moth had supposedly (and sadly) called it a day a while back. But drummer, and The Lounge on Elm Street co-owner, Glenn Jackson says the band's death has been greatly exaggerated. 

"We took a few months off after the singer [Cheyenne Schweitzer] left," says Jackson. "It was over an argument between him and my brother [guitarist Derek Jackson]. My brother apologized but the singer couldn't get over it."

And the drummer says the band has just now started the search for a new front person.

"We have two new songs ready and have a few more in the works and we have started rehearsing again," says Jackson. "Hopefully we'll be playing out again by the spring."

That's good news, as Tiger Moth's eponymous EP, released in May, was a heaving, Zeppelin-obsessed mess that just got better with each listen. Schweitzer's bohemian yowl will most certainly be missed, but it's comforting to know that old school rock this fresh will be making a comeback soon.

Jackson says anyone interested in trying out for the band just needs only check out the band's Myspace page and email away. --Darryl Smyers

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