Tim DeLaughter Loses Emmy, Doesn't Meet John Williams. But He Is Planning A Solo Record--And Is Getting His Good Records Label Back On Track In A Big Way.

So, the 61st annual Emmys were held last night, which, y'know, is something, I'm sure. But, if I may point your direction elsewhere for a moment: Not last night, but the weekend before, the winners in the creative arts categories of the Emmy Awards were announced. And maybe you recall a certain local nominee up for such an award? One Tim DeLaughter, he of the Polyphonic Spree and Tripping Daisy and Good Records? He was up for the award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music, thanks to his work on the theme song for the Shotime series United States of Tara.

And though he didn't win, DeLaughter took his lost with a grain of salt--especially since the man he lost the award to was, y'know, John Williams.

"I was up against John Williams, and I was just like, oh my God, I'm such a huge fan," DeLaughter offered over the phone this weekend. "A lot of people have lost to that guy. And now I'm one of theme."

If there was consolation for Delaughter, he says it came in the fact that the animated introduction that is paried with his song did win--for Main Title Design, in fact.

Still, Delaughter says he was a little sore about losing and having to sit through the six hour-long award show--but only because he didn't get the chance to meet the man to whom he lost his award.

"We share an agent, actually," DeLaughter says, "so I called up my agent and said 'Let's play him some tracks, and if he likes it, maybe we can change the name on the plaque.'"

No such luck so far on that front. Still, this is a big week for DeLaughter regardless--the Spree play a free show on Thursday at the Palladium and Good Records celebrates its first release as a label in sometime with Wednesday's release of the debut Binary Sunrise record.

Oh, and some other news DeLaughter let slip over the course of our conversation? Well, for one, there should be new Spree demos on the band's blog shortly. And, in addition to the Binary Sunrise record, the label arm of Good Records is also prepping the debut release from Chameleon Chamber Group and (score!) a new disc from Pilotdrift. Oh, and in addition to a new Spree record, DeLaughter says he's planning on releasing a new solo record, too. All potentially within the next year.

Read more about this and other recent developments with Good Records in the upcoming print edition of the Observer...

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