Tim McGraw's Craziest Fan Interactions

Life is pretty simple, really. Don't mess with Texas -- or Tim McGraw, for that matter. Where's that bumper sticker, America? Country music fans know McGraw as Faith Hill's loving husband of 18 years. And hell, he's even been sober for six years. But sometimes he gets angry.

Tonight, Texas will be reunited with McGraw once more as he visits Dallas for a show at Gexa Energy Pavilion. Based on recent form, this night could get a little feisty. So, to make sure you're ready for what's to come, here are five videos of McGraw in concert reacting to fans who either pissed him off or got a little too handsy.

1. Missing Wedding Ring Who wouldn't want a small piece of such a famous marriage like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's? During one show, McGraw's wedding ring went missing, so he accused a fan of having it. This video doesn't make it clear if it ever turned up or if the fan did steal it, but we're praying to the country gods it did turn up. In the same video, we see Hill stand up for her man by calling out the woman in questioning.

2. "Don't Hit the Girl" This video is all about the classic line, "Don't hit the girl." Wait, what? Yes, it appears McGraw is scolding someone for being a bit too rowdy with a female. He took notice before his duet with the Band Perry and decided to have the man ejected and the woman awkwardly pulled onstage and then quickly escorted off.

3. ...But Then He Did Hit the Girl Ah, how quickly things can change. From the singer who once proclaimed to not hit the girl, comes the most recent country concert controversy. This woman apparently wanted to take home more than just a McGraw tour T-shirt, but the singer wasn't having it. So a heads-up for his stop in Dallas: No matter how tight the country singer's pants are, and how appealing his southern area might be, it is never acceptable to reach for and/or grab it. Noted.

4. Behaving Badly Who knows what this fan did, but it sure did piss McGraw off. The fan could have been a little too drunk. Maybe he was hitting a woman. Or he possibly could have been singing the wrong words to McGraw's song. Listen, we don't know. All we are sure of is that you need to tread lightly around McGraw.

5. Sharpie Slap After some innocent autograph-signing time, McGraw once again finds himself being violated by a fan. After watching this video a dozen times for journalistic purposes, we believe a fan reached for and lightly touched his cowboy hat. Whether the fan's intention was just to touch the iconic accessory or actually grab it and run for the hills is unclear. But what is clear is that Tim is pretty possessive, so he does what any cowboy hat owner would do: He hits the fan with his autograph-signing Sharpie.

We're excited for tonight's McGraw concert but also a little scared.

TIM McGRAW performs with Kip Moore and Cassandra Pope, 7 p.m. Friday, August 8, at Gexa Energy Pavilion,, $36-$66

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