Tomorrow On DC9: Answers On Why Good Records Got Shut Down, And Much More...

Hate to do this, folks, as I know I promised that the story would be up today, but I just now got off the phone with Good Records' Chris Penn, with the Dallas Police Department's Deputy Chief Vincent Golbeck and with Bruce Richardson, secretary and one of the founding members of the Lowest Greenville West Neighborhood Association, about why Erykah Badu's set was cut short on Saturday--and why Richardson felt so compelled to directly contact Golbeck and file complaints about the event.

There's a good deal to this story, but, unfortunately, I just don't have the time right now to put it all together before heading off to check out My Bloody Valentine and Josh T. Pearson tonight at The Palladium. But--and this time I mean it, dammit--all the details about the Good Records show will be posted here tomorrow. I swear.

And because we're expecting a jam-packed day here tomorrow, what the hell, here are some other things you can catch here tomorrow:

  • Jesse Hughey's review of the My Bloody Valentine show.
  • My take on the latest signees to Vinnie Paul Abbott's record label, Big Vin Records, and what it was like checking out that band's CD release show at Abbott's strip club on Tuesday night. Also: A few details on the next Hellyeah disc.
  • The full Q&A transcripts of my interviews with Alan Palomo and Mike Schoder about the Crystal Castles situation at the Granada Theater last week. There's plenty more information, and it was just too much to make it into this week's column space, given the space constraints of, y'know, paper...
  • A Night Moves slideshow with pictures from what I'm told was a pretty crazy event at the Lizard Lounge last weekend.

And we'll also have our regular daily "Today in Music News" feature, our regular Thursday "Poster of the Week" feature, and probably a few more items to boot. Promise.

Also, I love you.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.