Tonight: Neon Sessions Puts a Spotlight on Local Electronic Music

Groove Loves Melody and the Green Bandana Group have teamed up for Neon Sessions, a new summer event that will focus on emerging electronic artists from Dallas and beyond. Organizer Vince De Jesus says they're following the lead of Exploded Drawing, an Austin monthly that gathered beatmakers and visual artists in different venues around the city. It was a consistently engaging affair that I saw grow in numbers and popularity, and that put a spotlight on acts that would otherwise fly under the radar.

"Our focus will be local/original electronic music sound artists," he says. "In the same way that a visual artist takes color and concept to create an expressive product, our artists have taken sounds, mostly electronic, and conceptualization to create their music."

Green Bandana Group is heavily involved in the Dallas arts scene, and Groove Loves Melody is covering some of the most exciting experimental electronic music out right now. De Jesus thinks this night will create some synergy between the two scenes, and put a spotlight on our own emerging artists.

The first event happens tonight, at theSPACE (2516 Florence), a "brand spanking new 6,200 square foot game-changer," with Dallas' Neo-Safari, Taylor Effin Cleveland and Black Market Pharmacy, and Austin's Wave Hands Like Clouds. The cover is $5 and it's BYOB.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.