Tonight, Tonight: Deerhoof and Yann Tiersen at The Loft, Cradle of Filth at The South Side Music Hall, Doug Burr and Ryan Thomas Becker at Club Dada, and The Aces & Angels Salute to the Troops at Centennial Hall in Fair Park

Despite the terrible weather, there is still a bunch of shows to look out for on this hump day evening -- two of which are even taking place in the same building.

Yann Tiersen, Deefhoof, Ben Butler & Mousepad and S. Carey at The Loft
This show was originally scheduled to be in the larger South Side Music Hall, but various issues resulted in the move to a more intimate venue. That's better, though, for those who brave the frosty temperatures to have a closer look at an intriguing quadruple-bill. Minimalist composer Yann Tiersen headlines what should be a cool evening of music. His most recent effort, Dust Lane, reminds me of Eno's Another Green World, and, yes, it's that good. Adding (a bit) more rock to the bill is San Francisco's Deerhoof, a wild quartet that somehow mixes sugary melodies with chaotic noise. If the heater in The Loft is working properly, this will be a great show.

Update: Because of weather and travel concerns, Yann Tiersen and S.Carey are no longer on tonight's bill at The Loft. Deerhoof and Ben Butler will still play. Tickets are now $12. Refunds at point of sale.

Cradle of Filth, Nachtmystium, Turisus and Daniel Lioneye at The South Side Music Hall
More musical chairs in the venues on on South Lamar: This show was moved from the Palladium Pallroom to the South Side Music Hall. But, wherever this crowded bill was bound to end up, this much was known: It's going to be a loud and nasty affair. Cradle of Filth hails from England and has been refining its extreme metal thing for the better part of 20 years now. The members of Nachtmystium are quite a bit younger, but the Illinois band's style of metal doesn't deviate that much from Cradle of Filth's. In any case, both bands have an intensity that should help warm up the brave fans that make it out.

Doug Burr, Ryan Thomas Becker, Dogdander and Pretty in Pink at Club Dada
Tonight marks the launch of a pretty cool new venture taking place at the recently reopened Club Dada, where, every Wednesday night, the booking agents at the venue turn the reigns over to area bloggers and ask them to curate the show. Tonight's debut in this venture comes from the folks at the local music podcast The Local Yokel Show, who have brought together quite the bill headlined by Denton heroes Doug Burr and Ryan Thomas Becker. Joining these two capable players this evening are Dogdander, the new-ish project from familiar music scene players Eric Neal and Camille Cortinas (plus a whole slew of others), and Pretty in Pink, the new all-girl '80s cover band from Smile Smile's Jencey Hirunrusme.

Aces and Angels Salute to the Troops at Centennial Hall in Fair Park
Hosted by KISS' Gene Simmons and former Playboy playmate Shannon Tweed, this Super Bowl-related event features the musical talents of Five For Fighting, Little Texas, Rival Sons and The Grascals. It's got a whole bunch of other activities, too, such as casino-style gaming and a food-tasting. All the proceeds will go to the U.S.O and the Wounded Warrior Project for veterans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. All in all, it's an odd amalgamation of talent gathered together for the worthiest of causes. Initially, tickets to this affair pushed $500, but now, the event has announced that it'll let the first 100 people to arrive into the door for $100.

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