Tonight, Tonight: Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and The Whigs at Superpages; Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Palladium; Semi-Precious Weapons at the Loft; Torche at The Nightmare; and More!

Crazy busy night, huh? Thursdays really must be the new Fridays...

Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and The Whigs at Center
Wow, what a triple bill. What self-respecting indie music fan won't be at this show? Well, with ticket prices ranging between $60 and $90, perhaps a few might choose a little cheaper form of entertainment... Still, it's pretty difficult to dispute the greatness of any of the bands on this bill. Some misguided folks actually claim Kings of Leon has sold out, but that's just plain silly--the band's reinvention of southern rock proved that the genre actually had a future. Same goes for The Black Keys, a pair of guys who jump-started garage rock. And, really, I didn't initially care for those guys--I still have my doubts about rock and roll duos, but Brothers, the band's recently issued sixth album, sold me on the greatness of The Black Keys. And The Whigs are just another great band from Athens, Georgia. Add it all up and you have what should be a great night of music.

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the Palladium Showroom
You want soul? This is the place to find it. With Sharon Jones and Co.'s head-on tackling to the soul revival, you really can't go wrong. Add in Grace Potter's groove-rock revival thing, and this, too, is a powerhouse bill.

Semi-Precious Weapons at The Loft
Former Lady Gaga tour support Semi-Precious weapons brings its flamboyant brand of glam-rock to The Loft for what is sure to be a sexed-up affair.

Torche, The House Harkonnen and White Mountain at The Nightmare
Eric Grubbs previewed this show in this week's paper, calling out the surprising amount of melody to be heard in Torche's music. I guess I hear that, too, but, for the most part, I'm hearing a ton of loud noise from this Miami-based stoner metal act. Bring your earplugs to this one, for sure.

Damion Suomi and Jessie Frye at The Double Wide
If a passionate, politically sensitive, singer-songwriter vibe is more what you're looking for this evening, a good bet would be Florida's Damion Suomi (pronounced "sue me"). The guy only has a self-titled album to his credit, but his feisty guitar style and aggressive vocals certainly brings to mind artists like Billy Bragg and the late, great Phil Ochs. Local folk-rock diva Jessie Frye opens what should be an engaging performance of thoughtful tunes.

Papa Grows Funk and Backside Pick at the Granada Theater
If New Orleans style funk is more your thing, who better than a band from New Orleans to bring it to you? Enter Papa Grows Funk, a high-energy sextet that started out as a few friends jamming at a New Orleans nightspot back in 2000. Since then, John "Papa" Gros and crew have played everywhere from Ireland to Japan. Party music of the highest order, Papa Grows Funk offers music made for little thinking but lots of drinking. Denton's Backside Pick opens things up with its own jazz-infused take on funk.

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