Too Fresh Productions' Thursday Night Residency is Your Hip-Hop Crash Course

It has been long said in these nightlife playgrounds that Thursday is the new Friday; which never made sense to me since Fridays are such an exhausting pain in the ass. Personally, I think Thursday may be the new Saturday? The point is, guys, there sure is a lot to do. And that begs the following existential question: If everything is going on on Thursday? Is nothing going on on Thursday?

Don't be silly, EVERYTHING IS GOING ON ON THURSDAY! And the latest thing vying for, and seemingly winning, your night is the increasingly compelling Thursday night series from Too Fresh Productions at The Crown & Harp.

Too Fresh owns the evening, but this month they'll be putting in some work to change it up each week throughout the month.

Seeing as tonight is the first Thursday of the month, the A+ student in you can start class immediately to see every incarnation of Fresh Cuts Thursday's at Crown & Harp. In fact, for your first session this evening, 2012 Dallas Observer Music Award nominee for Best DJ, Tape Mastah Steph, alongside Buddha Fingers kicks off the month of freshness.

The second Thursday of every month hosts hip-hop Karaoke, so now is your chance to finally spit that 16 with wild abandon outside the safety of your own car.

On the third Thursday, October 17, Fresh 45s brings an alumni of Too Fresh folks including notable vinyl head JT Donaldson, that Wednesday night Prophet Bar beloved DJ Jay Clipp, special guest and Cannabinoid DJ A1 and Grammy Award Winning DJ Spinderella. That's right, Spinderella of "cutting it up one time" fame. If that wasn't enough to grab your attention these crate diggers will all be on 45 duty, so look no further for the deepest cuts on any deck in town.

The final Fresh Cuts Thursday pits producer against producer in a battle of beats where everyone wins since you will be laid back in the cut sipping a drink while the 808s underscore your evening.

So young pupil, can you do it? Can you make it to class every Thursday? Your teacher and host Leo J is waiting, those charming fellas from the Rec Shop are in the building. There are special guests waiting. So do a little homework and get to class.

Actually, this is more akin to recess: Everyone's favorite subject.

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