Tool Sells Out Nokia Theatre In Under Half An Hour. Except, Of Course, On eBay

A couple Friends of DC9 have checked in with us over the course of the day today wondering if there's some sort of conspiracy afoot with the Tool show coming up on July 25 at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie.

Well, far as David Ireland, marketing manager for the regional branch of AEG Live (the company that booked the show), is concerned, that's not the case.

"It's a hot ticket, that's for sure," is about all Ireland can muster on the topic, beyond acknowledging that all 6,800 of the available tickets for the Nokia Theatre performance sold out in less than half an hour this morning on the oft-maligned Ticketmaster.

As for how many of those tickets were made available to the public as opposed to ticket vendors, Ireland again, assures that, far as he knows, they all were made available to individual ticket purchasers. So, at this point at least, if you didn't score a ticket, it appears you have no one to blame but yourself or your Internet connection.

Of course, thanks to the power of the Internet, though, you still can get your entry passes--assuming you're willing to spend (at the very least) $200 for a single ticket (originally, the highest pre-service charge option was $80.25) or up to $5,480 for a pair. Head over to eBay to get 'em--that is, if you dare, Moneybags.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.