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Tracklist: Local Hang with Playlister P, Vol. 9

Many thanks to all who came out to the ninth rendition of the little monthly event I throw in conjunction with The Libertine every first Monday, The Local Hang. It's been a good time since the jump--and last night was no exception. I mean, c'mon, a legit crowded room of people sitting around, enjoying local music as it's being piped in through the speakers? That's just pretty cool in my book.

But what do I know? I'm pretty lame.

As for those of you who came out last night, though? You're pretty much the coolest.

You showed up early, stayed late and, yadda, yadda, yadda, I'm really tired now.

Lucky me, then, that I remembered to take notes on what I was pumping into your ears. And, as such, you can check the list of songs played at The Local Hang, Vol. 9, after the jump.

It might just be the best playlist this event's seen yet--if I may say so myself. Hell, I even managed to throw some super-inside jokes into some of the song ordering. Maybe you'll get them. Probably not, though.

Regardless: Thanks again.

And I'll see you next month, on July 5, when we do it again, yeah? Yeah. Cool.

Centro-matic -- I, The Kite
Ryan Thomas Becker -- Seek Fire, Anime Kids
Strange Boys -- Be Brave
Tripping Daisy -- I Got A Girl
Johnny Lloyd Rollins -- The Morning After
The Secret Machines -- Atomic Heels
Slow Roosevelt -- Boys Lie Girls Steal
Black Tie Dynasty -- I Like You
Smile Smile -- Beg You To Stay
Sorta -- Grown Man
Bosque Brown -- This Town
The Naptime Shake -- Hawks
Slobberbone -- Whiskey Glass Eye
Hogpig -- Kablooie
The Phuss -- Preacher, Preacher
Toadies -- Tyler
The Paper Chase -- Said The Spider To The Fly
The New Year -- Folios
Sleep Whale -- We Were Dripping
The Beaten Sea -- Doctor's Not Gonna Cure Our Ills
Astronautalis -- Trouble Hunters
Baboon -- Airplane
Dustin Cavazos -- Fresh
Giggle Party -- Big Bang ***SONG DEBUT***
Museum Creatures -- Song ABC
Kimberly -- Sociopath
True Widow -- Sunday Driver
Analog Rebellion -- You've Been Had (Machine)
Florene -- Street Caring
Neon Indian -- Terminally Chill
Sore Losers -- Free Loaders
Big Chief -- Da Boss
Damaged Good$ -- Party Like You Mean It
VEGA -- No Reasons
The Secret Handshake -- Make Up Your Mind
Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights -- Gypsy Woman
Air Review -- Chasing Corporate
Darktown Strutters -- Lucifer Rising
Ishi -- Pastel Lights
Spooky Folk -- Bible Belt
Bad Sports -- All The Time
The Orbans -- When We Were Wild
Old 97's -- Timebomb
Telegraph Canyon -- Shake Your Fist
Sarah Jaffe -- Clementine
Sunnybrook -- Waving Hands
School of Seven Bells -- Babelonia
Dem Southernfolkz -- Feels Like
RTB2 -- Wishy Waltz
Smiling at the Ceiling -- Nostalgia Co.
The Happy Bullets -- Vice and Virtue Ministry
The Lash Outs -- The Kids Don't Wanna Dance
Red Monroe -- Pat Mayse Lake
The Frontier Brothers -- Space Punk Starlet
The Polyphonic Spree -- Running Away
Mount Righteous -- Sea Man
Whiskey Folk Ramblers -- Pies of Ol' Kylene
A.M. Ramblers -- Seven Shots of Tequila
The Baptist Generals -- Alcohol (Turn and Fall)
The Southern Sea -- These Things Always End Badly
The Wax Museums -- Safety in Numbers

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