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Tracklist: The Local Hang with Playlister P, Vol. 6

Well, since I've made a habit of posting the tracklists to my once-a-month all-local music lovefest on the first Monday of every month at The Libertine, I guess I'll go ahead and post the one from last night, too.

Many thanks to everyone who came out. As always, it was quite the time. And, as always, it seemed to work: At least a dozen times last night, a patron excitedly rushed my set-up at the end of the bar to ask me what song we were all hearing. That, my friends, is called a victory.

I'll be doing it again next month, too. So I'll see you then. Of course, if you really need to get your Freedman fix on before then, you can catch me at Tradewinds Social Club in Oak Cliff on this Thursday night, as I've been asked to "spin" at that venue as part of a bill that also includes up-and-coming local electro outfit Museum Creatures. I'll be playing a little bit of everything--as in, not just local fare--at that gig. See you there, maybe?

Till then, hit the jump to see what you missed--or maybe what songs you were asking me about--last night.

  • Febrifuge -- Adjusting Bodies
  • Fight Bite -- Swissex Lover
  • Analog Rebellion -- You've Been Had (Machine)
  • Museum Creatures -- Song ABC
  • Damaged Good$ -- I Remember
  • Florene -- Street Caring
  • The Hourly Radio -- Fear Of Standing Upright
  • The Fieros -- In My Veins
  • Menkena -- Red In The Morning ***SONG DEBUT***
  • Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights -- Devil's Basement
  • RTB2 -- Yer Fool's Suite (Pt. II)
  • Binary Sunrise -- Five Minutes
  • Air Review -- All Because You're Mine
  • Baboon -- Airline
  • Centro-matic -- Flashes & Cables
  • Teenage Cool Kids -- Tilting At Windmills/Exile in La Mancha
  • The Burning Hotels -- Austin's Birthday
  • Red Monroe -- Pat Mayse Lake
  • The Happy Bullets -- The Vice and Virtue Ministry
  • The Orbans -- Were Her
  • Bobby Patterson -- Quiet! Do Not Distrub
  • Sore Losers -- Free Loaders
  • Objektiv One -- Hustlin' (Rick Ross vs. Spoon Mashup)
  • Ocelot -- Our Time
  • Fizzy Dino Pop -- Chiyo Chiyo
  • GalleryCat -- Say Say Say
  • Mount Righteous -- Sea Man
  • Stumptone -- Gravity Suddenly Released
  • Matthew and The Arrogant Sea -- Marry Me Annie
  • The O's -- Bowling Green (Everly Brothers cover)
  • Kirby Brown -- Coattails
  • The New Frontiers -- Black Lung
  • Telegraph Canyon -- Shake Your Fist
  • Sleep Whale -- Cotton Curls
  • Ishi -- Pastel Lights
  • Darktown Sturtters -- Quakertown
  • St. Vincent -- Laughing With A Mouth of Blood
  • True Widow -- Duelist
  • Dove Hunter -- Well Wisher
  • Neon Indian -- Mind, Drips
  • Riverboat Gamblers -- DissDissDissKissKissKiss
  • Spector 45 -- Teenage Plague
  • Fungi Girls -- Pacifica Nostalgia
  • Bad Sports -- All The Time
  • The Uptown Bums -- This and That
  • Wax Museums -- Safety in Numbers
  • Occult Detective Club -- You'll Follow Me
  • The Nervebreakers -- My Girlfriend Is A Rock
  • The Strange Boys -- Woe Is You and Me
  • Austin Brown Sounds -- Michael The Messenger
  • Sir Silky -- The Squeeze (The Answer)
  • Sarah Jaffe -- Perfect Plan
  • Astronatualis -- Trouble Hunters
  • Dem Southernfolz -- Feels Like
  • Dondria -- Can't Stop
  • Erykah Badu and The Roots -- You Got Me
  • Comsky -- 15 Minutes to Rock
  • Red Animal War -- Still
  • Polyphonic Spree -- Section 22 (Running Away)
  • Dorrough -- Ice Cream Paint Job
  • Black Tie Dynasty -- Seawall
  • Toadies -- Tyler

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