Tracklist: The Local Hang with Playlister P, Vol. 8

A huge, huge, huge thank you to everyone who came out to The Local Hang last night at The Libertine. Biggest crowd we've seen yet. Lots of area musicians fans and industry types. Also: Random drinkers who didn't seem to mind having their turf infringed upon. A special thanks to them.

After the jump, the list of tracks played at last night at the eighth installment of this First-Monday-of-each-month series. If you made it out to the bar last night, here's the answer to your "Hey, who is this?" question. If you didn't, well, here's what you missed.

A.Dd+ -- Howdy Do
Whiskey Folk Ramblers -- Curtain ***SONG DEBUT***
The Orbans -- When We Were Wild ***SONG DEBUT***
Doug Burr -- I Got This Fever / O Ye Devastator ***SONG DEBUT***
Analog Rebellion -- You Could Be Speaking to Me
Abacus -- Beach Wail
Astronautalis feat. Sarah Jaffe -- Trouble Hunters
Baboon -- Broken GLass
Hogpig -- Kablooie
The Phuss -- Preacher, Preacher
Brutal Juice -- Lashing of the Ultra-Violent
Fungi Girls -- Pacifica Nostalgia
Mount Righteous -- We're All Going Crazy
Matthew and The Arrogant Sea -- Marry Me Annie
The Beaten Sea -- Lonesome Tune ***SONG DEBUT***
Sarah Jaffe -- Clementine
Lalagray -- Devil's Nest ***SONG DEBUT***
Seryn -- We Will All Be Changed
Telegraph Canyon -- Dressed in Fight
Flowers of God -- A Challanged Sound ***SONG DEBUT***
Hats & Statues -- You Sir Have A Narrow Definition of Kolache
Ryan Thomas Becker -- Seek Fire, Anime Kids
Spooky Folk -- Bible Belt
Eleven Hundred Springs -- This Crazy Life
Fergus & Geronimo -- Harder Than It's Ever Been
DeepSpace5 -- Killing With Kindness
Sore Losers -- Free Loaders
Museum Creatures -- Song ABC
Kimberly -- Sociopath
Neon Indian -- Deadbeat Summer
Mission Giant -- Amphetamine Kiss
Faux Fox -- Nothing Gold
Occult Detective Club -- You'll Follow Me
Teenage Cool Kids -- Speaking In Tongues
PVC Street Gang -- Cutlass
Slobberbone -- Whiskey Glass Eye
Bad Sports -- Nothing But Agitation
Daryl -- Jenny
Black Tie Dynasty -- Seawall
Centro-matic -- Flashes & Cables
Tripping Daisy -- Bedhead
PPT -- Who's That Girl?
Treal Lee & Prince Rick -- Mr. Hit Dat Hoe
galleryCat -- Say Say Say
Ghosthustler -- Parking Lot Nights
Analog Rebellion -- A Particularly Long Elevator Shaft
Air Review -- Chasing Corporate
Red Animal War -- Still
Lift to Experience -- With the World Behind
True Widow -- Duelist
Here Holy Spain -- Trouble Is
RTB2 -- Wire to the Walls
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights -- Devil's Basement
Hoyotoho -- Born Black
Fizzy Dino Pop -- Chiyo Chiyo
Ocelot -- Our Time
Sleep Whale -- We Were Dripping
Sunnybrook --Waving Hands
Sundress -- Locust ***SONG DEBUT***
Smile Smile -- Beg You To Stay
A.M. Ramblers -- Seven Shots of Tequila
The Baptist Generals --Alcohol (Turn and Fall)
The O's -- Finding It Hard
Somebody's Darling -- Easy
Midlake -- The Horn
Old 97's -- Barrier Reef

Again: Many, many thanks to all who made it out last night. I'll see you all next time, on Monday, June 7.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.