Trai'D Offers Up His Hip-Hop Jam For The, Uh, Well, 'Summertime,' Natch.

Haven't yet heard this track from Dallas rapper


on local hip-hop radio, but it seems as likely as some of the other Dallas hip-hop jams of the summer to make it big, thanks in large part to its catchy--and no doubt female-placating--hook. And, sure, it helps that it's called "Summertime." (Not

that one

. Or, for that matter,

this one

) Also? At the very least, the above accompanying video for the song is a pretty fun, summery romp.

And, just in case you were curious, yes, the video was shot in North Texas. At Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie, in fact, color correction or no. How do I know? Not because I've been to Joe Pool Lake, no. Rather, I watched the behind-the-scenes clip on this video shoot already over at D-Town Stay Down, which is about as comprehensive a site as you're likely to find when it comes to covering the local, blossoming commercial hip-hop movement happening around town. Add that sucker to your favorites, ASAP.

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