Trees Re-Opening? I Doubt it.

Cindy Chaffin of both the Life Outside the Bubble blog and the kinda-defunct-but-maybe-not Fine Line Live blog is spreading a nasty little rumor today that there's an investor looking into re-opening Trees.

But--please--don't believe the hype.

For what it's worth, this is now, no joke, the fifth or sixth time I've heard that someone "with deep pockets" was going to re-open the storied venue in the past year. And, every time, these people have been faced with serious roadblocks from the city in terms of SUP permits, parking availability, code enforcements, yadda yadda, yadda, once they've looked into it beyond just having the idea and realizing that their bank account might be able to support it.

Every time, obviously, those dreams have fizzled and the deal has fallen through.

Believe me, I'd love to see this happen. I'd be ecstatic if it were true. But I wouldn't bank on it, folks. Literally, if we reported every time someone was looking into re-opening that room, we'd have Trees items on this blog almost weekly.

My two cents: Ain't gonna happen. Not while the city is still figuring out what to do with Deep Ellum, at least. Have you noticed all the construction to the pipelines down there lately?

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