Trees Settles Opening Weekend Confusion (Maybe), Announces More Shows, And Offers Up Some Redecoration Insights

Drove by Trees this morning on the way into the office--and, gotta say, the place looks pretty great.

The building's been painted a dark gray color and the outdoor trim on the windows and garage door now boast a bright green. Needless to say, it catches the eye. But owner Clint Barlow's got plans for the inside of his club, too--and, yeah, a few more shows to announce while he's at it.

First, the shows, as y'all seem to get off on that:

  • The confusion from yesterday seems to have officially settled: Slow Roosevelt will headline Friday, August 14, at the club. Fair to Midland will headline the show on Saturday, August 15.
  • Touring acts Cold, Taproot and The Killer and The Star (a side-project of Cold frontman Scooter Ward) will play Trees on Wednesday, August 19.
  • And Friday, August 28, will feature performances from post-grunge acts Tantric, Aranda and Vayden.

And a bit more on the decor: While there are no configuration changes between the club's old layout and the re-opened venue's floor plan, "the whole place has been gutted," Barlow says, and "everything's been resurfaced." Other changes: A freshly-built bar in the main room, and an even larger green room for the performers.

"It's gonna look nice in there," Barlow says. "it won't be like an ultralounge or anything, but it's gonna be really cool."

As for how all the preparations are going, Barlow says, "The big issue right now is I had to change some of the ceiling to fix the sprinkler system and get it up to code."

But it's not all about just getting the place up to code standards: Barlow says he's also in talks with his across-the-street neighbor and long-running Deep Ellum arts supporter Frank Campagna to have a mural painted on the side of Trees that will feature some of the more memorable shows hosted at the venue over the years, as decided by the room's former owners, "just to honor and remember the history, while looking ahead to the future."

Oh, and speaking of future? Here's a juicy nugget: Trees' long-anticipated opening date of Aug. 14? That might be bumped up a few days, if a few things pan out, Barlow says.

We'll let you know if they do...

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.