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Troy Cartwright: "Life Seemed Pretty Complicated... I'm Told it Only Gets Worse."

It's really easy to call Dallas-based country singer-songwriter Troy Cartwright a "young-gun" or a "promising up-and-comer." Partly that's thanks to the fact he can write and sing the hell out of a song in his early 20s the way most folk vets might once they've been around for a couple of decades. But Cartwright's only beginning and make no mistake, he's beginning to get attention that's also usually reserved for artists who have usually banged-around for a while.

In April, Cartwright joined a fantastically talented class of artists when he took home the 25th B.W. Stevenson Singer-Songwriter Competition Prize at Poor David's Pub. That accomplishment put the Berklee College of Music (Boston) grad in a group with the likes of Colin Boyd, Kristi Kruger, Owen Temple and Zane Williams. The latter two have gone on to forge legitimate careers as respected, touring troubadours in the nebulous realm of "Texas Country."

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Kelly Dearmore