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Troy Cartwright: "Life Seemed Pretty Complicated... I'm Told it Only Gets Worse."

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"'Sixteen' is probably my most autobiographical song," he says. "I wrote it right after I graduated college and life seemed pretty complicated all of the sudden. I'm told it only gets worse."

Cartwright, who counts a wide array of artists such as Ryan Adams and Bill Withers as influences, understands his role isn't to write songs that merely entertain, but truly connect.

"As a songwriter it's my job to tell the truth as it relates to me, and hopefully those experiences resonate with other people."

With a single, the impeccable begging-for-another-chance tune "I'm With You" on the way to radio in January and another EP in the works, Cartwright surely still has some growing to do and some bitterness to endure, which should fuel his fire a great deal. His tune "Coffee in the Morning and Whiskey at Night" begs the question of how many mornings Cartwright has had to mix the two after a late night where things went all wrong. His answer suggests he's getting the hang of things and the honky-tonk life wont slow him down.

"Absolutely, I have. Hair of the Dog, right?"

Troy Cartwright Performs Wednesday Night at the Rustic in Dallas.

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