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True Widow Gets Its Biggest Bit Of Publicity Yet Thanks To Oliver Peck, Kat Von D and InTouch.

Last week, True Widow's Dan Phillips was taking a nap, only to be awoken from a text message from one Jim Heath, aka The Reverend Horton Heat. The text kind of took Phillips by surprise.

"I think," it read, "there's a picture of you puking in InTouch magazine."

Yes, the Reverend reads InTouch. But, even more surprising was that fact that, sure enough, there Phillips was in the piece, puking away, with celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D celebrating above him in a photo meant to depict Kat Von D's drug abuse. Phillips doesn't seem to mind, though: The picture, he concedes, if nothing else, is the biggest bit of national publicity he or his band have yet to receive.

It came as part of an exclusive interview local tattoo artist Oliver Peck gave to the magazine that further put into question Kat Von D's judgment, after her having been recently romantically linked with Sandra Bullock ex Jesse James. Peck, most locals know, was once married to the former Miami Ink and current L.A. Ink reality star.

It's tough to say what Peck's reasoning behind giving the interview was, but, rest assured, it's not hampering Peck's own hard-partying ways. These days, in conjunction with DJ Hammertimez, Peck is co-hosting a new weekly karaoke event at the Billiard Bar every Thursday night called GOOD LUCK KARAOKE. The concept is simple enough: Contestants come and do karaoke at the bar and, each week, dress up according to the hosts' chosen theme. Tonight's theme? Hobos and Tramps, says Hammertimez, aka Josh Robertson.

"We're not afraid to make jackasses of ourselves," Robertson says. "It's just a big spectacle."

And maybe a cost-cutting one, too: Robertson says that contestants who arrive in costume get their first drink on the house. As the event's Facebook page's photo album seems to imply, people are taking them up on the offer.

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