Pretty much everything about Tum Tum's new mixtape, from its above album art to its title, Purp Kobain, is indeed a reference, in some way or another, to the late Kurt Cobain. Hell, there's even a song called "Kourtney Love," a surprisingly tender ballad about tragic love.

But, aside from numerous mentions of Cobain, blowing one's brains out and the like, there's a surprising lack of Nirvana samples on the tape--fewer, at least, than one would expect from a disc with such an obvious reference point. If those samples are in there, they're for the most part chopped up beyond recognition.

Except for one exception: Toward the end of the tape, Tum Tum offers up a Intertia-featuring, Play-N-Skillz-produced track called "Smoke Something," which is built around the very recognizable "Smells Like Teen Spirit" guitar riff.

As a whole, it's a fine effort from the DFW hip-hop stalwart. We're especially enjoying "Gas Pipes" as we type this, and "Heart of a Champion" is a hell of an earworm, too. Basically, Purp Kobain just might the best thing Tum Tum's ever done. If nothing else, it's far more than just a clever ploy to get some press.

So, on that front, we recommend you go ahead and download the whole mixtape for free right here. But if you just want to download and/or stream "Kourtney Love" and "Smoke Something" specifically, well, feel free to hit jump with us, where we've posted them for your convenience.

Tum Tum's Purp Kobain Leaked Over The Weekend--And It Includes A "Smells Like Teen Spirit"-Sampling, Play-N-Skillz-Produced Jam.

Bonus mp3:

Tum Tum -- "Kourtney Love"

Bonus mp3:

Tum Tum -- "Smoke Something (feat. Inertia)


Smell's a little different this time around, doesn't it? A little, shall we say, herb-ier?

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