Turn On Your Television: There's Local Music Everywhere!

The normal rule of thumb is that you need three examples of something happening before you can call it a trend. Well, how about four? SUPER TREND, DUDES. And, in this case, the super trend is all about your TV. Specifically: Area products and songs on TV.

Like, for instance, did you know that DFW's own Rob Van Winkle had a song on Glee this week? Did too--go here and fast-forward to the 5:30 mark. There, you'll hear one of the gleeks calling out "Ice Ice Baby" as a song that "should be arresting for the crime of sucking," which is how I wish I spoke in high school and also the way the episode's whole premise is launched, because Mr. Schuester is all like, "Hey, guys, maybe if I perform a badass version of the song, you won't think it sucks and then we'll all learn a lesson about judging books by their cover" and stuff.

Also: Have you seen those promos for the return of the best show on television, Friday Night Lights? Well, you should totally watch them because, a) it's the best show on television, and b) they all feature the song "Walls" from Grapevine's own The Rocket Summer's new album, Of Men and Angels. Be warned, though, you might cry.

There's more, too: Two-thirds of the Dallas-bred Dixie Chicks will be performing on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight as Court Yard Hounds, and Telegraph Canyon's "Quiet Assurance" was on a recent Gossip Girl episode.

Impressive? Little bit! Oh, and there's a fifth: We have it on good authority that Sarah Jaffe's "Clementine," off her new album Suburban Nature, will be played on ABC's Private Practice tonight. Boom!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.